Legal Services

Frank Brazell & Partners can help you with a range of legal matters. We have specialists in each area of the law that we practice and will give you expert advice to assist you through any case in a timely and cost efficient manner. We work to find solutions that work for you as an individual and will always do our best to ensure you achieve the outcome you seek.

  • Property Law. We deal with commercial and residential property of all types, acting for landlords, buyers and tenants in the purchasing, selling, conveyancing or leasing process.

  • Company Law. Whether you are an employer or an employee we can help you with company law issues such as dismissals, shareholder agreements, transactions and partnerships.

  • Probate, Wills & Trusts. Our experienced team handles all aspects of wills and probate matters including a full estate administration service.  We also advise and assist in contested or litigious probate matters. 

  • Dispute Resolution. If you are involved in any kind of dispute, be it with a neighbour, business partner or a company, we can help you resolve the matter to your satisfaction. Our team has a wide range of experience and we are confident that we can help achieve the outcome you desire.

  • Family Law & Divorce. We advise and assist clients throughout what is often the distressing process of a family breakdown, divorce or separation. We can negotiate and help clients reach financial settlements that are tailored to their specific needs and circumstances.  We are objective, robust and experienced in representing our clients’ interests at all times.

  • Criminal Defence & Motoring matters. We defend people facing criminal charges of all kinds, with extensive experience of representing clients in criminal courts across the country for both minor and serious offences.  We always defend our clients’ interests vigorously and with integrity.

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs). We can assist in the preparation and registration of LPAs. We are able to act as certificate provider and ensure the process is handled quickly and cost effectively from initial instruction through to completion of registration.


We ensure that a fully qualified solicitor is responsible for all transactions and provide a personal, cost effective and efficient service from initial instruction to completion of all matters.

See below for an outline of the types of cases we handle on a daily basis:

Property Law


Purchase, Sale, Lease

All premises - Landlords & Tenants



Tenancy Agreements


Land ownership

Overview & costs: 

Company Law


Shareholders Agreements

Compromise Agreements

Commercial Transactions

Terms of Trading


Terms & Conditions


Wills - Establish & Administer

Trusts - Prepare & Draft

Estate Planning

Power of Attorney

Inheritance Tax

Contentious Probate

Lasting Power of Attorney


Overview and costs:

Family Law & Divorce

Divorce proceedings


Children matters

Ancillary matters

Financial Claims

Criminal Defence

Fraud & dishonesty offences 

International and Extradition cases

Murder & Manslaughter

All Motoring offences 

Drugs Offences 

Public Order offences

Overview & Costs:

Power of Attorney

Advice on types of LPAs

LPA application forms

Acting as Certificate provider

Application & registration of LPAs